Starfightera and Anamarietta

Mural by Starfightera and AnamariettaArt Basel attracts many talented muralists to Wywnwood and this year was no exception. This particular mural was executed by Starfightera and Anamarietta. Here you can see the boom lift that they used to paint the mural. Lifts are indispensible during Art Basel as it is impossible to paint a three story mural like this one without a lift or scaffolding. 

Art Basel in Wynwood

The Jose De Diego Middle School in WynwoodOne of my favorite places to photograph is Wynwood, and one of the most interesting times to photograph Wynwood is when Art Basel is in town. This year was no exceptipn and we had some talented artists come and create some amazing work. This is a shot of the Jose De Diego Middle School. Over 40 artists where invited to paint at the school to bring attention to it's lack of an art program. On the left side, behind the tree, there is a piece by Pixel Pancho. To the right, in the corner of the building there is a piece by MTO. The school is now covered in beautiful murals and has practially become an art museum.